About Us

The Z ART story

For two decades, my work was in the corporate world. However, like many Americans during the recession, I lost my job in 2010. I looked for new employment until 2011 and, slowly, it began to dawn on me that I was at a crossroad and needed to make an important decision; and so, Z ART was born. 

For the love of horses.

My initial Z ART design was the Dressage horse logo, which I came up with while doodling on a job application. That gives you an idea of how excited I was to continue my career in the corporate world! This doodle came flowing out of me because of my love of horses. I initially caught the horse bug when I got my first horse in 5th grade. The bug continued as I rode competitively through early college and caught it again when I was finally able to get back into the saddle in 2004.
A special thanks to Zoren.

The Dressage horse logo is dedicated to my Friesian Cross horse, Zoren – the “z” in Z ART. We have the type of connection that can only come from a devastating situation. When Zoren was four, I broke my back while riding. Through my recovery, he was there, turning our partnership into something very special to me.
Thinking outside the box.

I kept playing with the design and eventually put it on a couple of mugs, envisioning an elegant piece. As it turns out, I wasn’t the only one who admired the simple, elegant design created to honor my boy, Zoren. From there I crafted a design for dogs, not wanting to leave our four-legged child out of the fun! Playing with the simple line designs became therapeutic. Also, my dream of never having to sit in a cubicle again became a real possibility!
A special thanks to my support circle.

I would like to extend a huge appreciation to those who have believed in me, especially at times when my belief in myself wavered:
*         Dog Park Publishing
*         Byerly’s-Bone Marche
*         Coach House Equestrian
Z ART wouldn’t be where it is today without my ever-supportive husband, parents, and friends (you know who you are!), Titan(RIP), LaRoo (RIP), Miley, Axel, Brogue and, of course, Zoren Z - the inspiration to it all! Right Side of Balance~
All the designs have been copy written and hold significance.

  • *Fetch-agility/flyball/Titan-our Doberman
  • *Sit-Stay-Titan’s command given so I can ‘get the ball’ from him.
  • *Cat & Mouse-‘Shortbus’ (barn cat) hunting mice at the barn.
  • *Wait for it-latest design-contest put up on FB for name. This command is used often with Titan!
  • *Western Horse-my rendition with a lasso
  • *Jumper Horse-dedicated to my past discipline and to the eventers out there
  • *Dressage Horse-my logo-dedicated to Zoren and our discipline
  • *Double Horse Head-developed from a picture of Zoren and his sire Zorro